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Dear, I have a pair of JJ Timeline World Tour Singapore Concert ticket for sales.

Event date: 9 November 2013
Event time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Seating: Section 120, Row 5, Seat 7 & 8 Usual price: $198 ($396/pair)

Interested party, please pm me. Price can be nego.

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Monday, October 21, 2013 • 10:24 AM • 0 Comment

Recently been kinda lazy to blog but I try to do so due to someone asking me to =[

Anyway, I am blogging something that happened in real life!! Just study the image below and you will know.

Basically, the above 4D ticket was my 1st time buying throughout my 26years and the reason bhind buying this was my close colleague as known as my unnie, she was pregnant and gave me this 4 digit to buy. Went back home and consult my mum since she is a PRO!

 She told me to tick 全打 and so I ticked! But she never tell me to shade only ONCE!!! And I act smart larhx go shade all the jumping numbers -.-"

 You guys must be asking why I never notice the amount when paying right. Like I say in beginning, this is my very very 1st buying 4D! I thought the price is add this and that to become $64 but never did I know I actually bought 16 sets per day and multiply by 2 days become total of 32 sets =[

 Anyway just treat is as school fees. My 1st time will also be my LAST!!!

Oh well~~~ Lesson well learnt!! And that's my joke blog post!! Enjoy your weekend =] Cheers~~~

Sunday, July 7, 2013 • 9:22 PM • 1 Comment

I tried to squeeze some time to blog this super outdated post =p

This was supposed to blog in May which was my birthday month. However, been kinda lazy and busy hence only till now am able to post it.

I meet up with cousin - Kalyn back in May after my birthday due to her having her examination during the period.

My outfit of the day before meeting up with cousin.

We went to Bugis Street for some shopping and managed to get myself one chopped Tee at S$30 =[ The salesgirl refuse to reduce even though it was last piece. Kinda upset but nevermind. Once a life time =x

After long hours of walking, we decided to go to Bugis+ for resting and start to cam-whoring abit.

After resting enough, just nice it's time for dinner. Walk around Bugis+ too source for something that suit of appetite at that very moment.

After long thinking, we end up dining in the Korean Cuisine.

After ordering, Kalyn present me a gift as my birthday present ^^ It's kinda unique as it is wrapped using A4 paper LOLx.

Unwrapped them and found out to be nail stickers that I always wanted to try but due to my nails are kind of wide end up didn't dare to waste money to get them.

Immediately after I reach home, I tried 1 of the set. And turn out to be good although as what I expected, my nails are too wide for the stickers.

Overall, as a 1st timer, I did a perfect job XD (pat on my shoulder)

Finally dishes are here~~~

Actually we ordered the promotion set which comes with desert. Due to never take photo of it, I present the Polaroid version XD

Finished our food, done with billing, off we go to the ladies before heading back home.

As usual for the ladies, cam-whoring XD

End of the wonderful day out with cousin ^^

Ohya. Previously I blog that I received a birthday gift from Jane, the nail remover was so cool and convenience that I would like to make a recommend.

I actually applied nail polish with glitter on it. Normally, we will have hard time removing glitter polish with normal remover unless using stronger type.

Refer to the steps of photo as below.

But for this remover, there are some pro and cons I like to list out.

1. Convenience
2. Save usage of cotton pad
3. Save remover usage as the chemical remain in the tub
4. Completely remove without hard rubbing, mean painless
Cons: 1. After removing, the dirt remain in the tub
2. Might hurt your finger as need to dip in
3. Tiring due to twist and turn in the sponge
4. Only for fingers but not toes

That's all I could think. LOLx. But I still like to continue using it. Provided I only remove my nail on my hand and not my toes =p


Sunday, June 16, 2013 • 11:28 PM • 0 Comment

I'm not sure anything will happen to me but I just want to post something from my opinion.

Recently, I came across a thread about insulting ITE students. Hmmm~ Well, I have to admit that I studied in ITE too and so I think this is appropriated to comment to this guy who became famous with his insulting post in Facebook as below image.

For the 1st post, I think you are a brainless kid.


Do you really think that people will even care to lodge a police report about your insulting way? Or maybe get you famous online like now is much more possible. And to think that people will make that report proof that you are brainless.

So what we are technical work force? At least we know how to hands on rather than memorising the thick text book just for the exam to get a piece of paper that wrote "A Level Certificate". Even if you got the certificate, do you think looking for job is easy for you? Maybe yes, but the possibility is not high. Unless your family own a business, otherwise I don't think it is as easily as you thought.

We earn not even $2400/month? Excuse me, do you know that, ITE student after graduated can further study by entering Polytechnic? Even if they can't, they are still able to attend private school to achieve the certificate. Think you need to do market research first before insulting people.

For 2nd post, you are such a low class people.


I think you are really too free and nothing to do. As you actually commented on MacDonald's staffs. Bravo! Oh ya. I think before you insult the manager's handwriting like a kindergarten student, you should look at yourself. You actually "PEEPED"! Wow. You are so "LOW CLASS" to do such act -.-"

I never thought a JC student like you need to peep and point at people's action. Come on. You are a JC student! Oh wait. I think you studied too much till your wire connected wrongly that you become so low class. I don't think ITE student will even do such act like you.

Seriously, I think you need to use your brain and think maturely. So what if the the staffs in MacDonald are listed as your so call low standard people? Without them, do you think you have MacDonald being prepared and served to you? Unless you say that you don't eat MacDonald. Otherwise, I don't see why you need to insult the staffs.

For the 3rd and last post, a fool is born.


What is wrong with speaking Singlish? For your info, Singlish is used only in Singapore within friends, family or someone we are close with. I define Singlish as a informal language to get everyone close together as a friend in a comfortable way. Oh i forgot, you always play games and never interact with your friends that is why you don't know the feeling.

You get As without studying? That doesn't mean your future is A+! Basically, I find that you are too free and nothing to do that you are showing off yourself and at the same time insulting people which making yourself like a fool. Since you don't study, why don't you continue play your own games?

Is it too bored with your games? Then find something better to do than insulting and peeping.

Seriously, you are very low class to do that. Maybe you can say I'm a low class to shoot you back. But I write this post base on my own feeling. I, myself also studied in ITE before. I just want to knock some sense.

It's kinda piss off to get insulted by someone who think they are god when they are nuts like you. Calling yourself getting As, but I don't see the link of you getting As when you are making yourself look like an idiot by posting such insulting comment in Facebook.

Grow up man.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013 • 11:53 PM • 0 Comment

I received a best birthday gift from Jane Ng to Bintan Island for 2 days 1 night. Really appreciated this birthday gift from her ^^ And I really enjoyed and feel so relaxed over there although the trip was very short.

I'm kind of lazy to type a compo hence decided to let pictures do the talking hahaa

The day before our departure, I went to her house to sleep over.

Next morning, we woke up early to get prepared and head bintan =]

At Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, we proceed for the check in and so then went to have some breakfast at the "coffee shop" there.

The night before the day, Jane actually prepared the chicken salad as below as our breakfast.

As we can't be having outside food at the cafe, hence we decided to order a cup of hot milo and 2 half-boiled eggs.

Before we board the ferry, of course we will go to tiolet 1st. And cam-whore is a must =p

Finally on the queue for boarding with our boardind tickets and passport

Here we are on the ferry ^^

After about 40-50minutes, we arrived Bintan Ferry Terminal

The blue blue sea

After 30minutes plus, we got through the custom and board the shuttle bus that send us to our resort.

The journey took about 10minutes and here we are at Nirwana Resort.

They have this welcome performance for tourist =]

After passing the performers, we are served with a cup of cooling drinks =]

Due to reaching too early for check-in, we roam around the resort and found this big chess game.

We later found this big lizard at the resting area.

Dont worry =] They are all locked up. (But actually after few hours later, when we were sitting at their lobby to wait for check-in, I found a lizard bigger that the locked up was crawling on an open grass where people are walking XD)

After roaming, we finally decided to settle our lunch at the pool side cafe.

Sorry for some random pictures above hahaa.

Finally our lunch are here.

My Omelette Fried Rice

Jane's Seafood pizza

Ready to dig in~

Few hours later, we finally got our room.

View from the entrance door

Our beds

The view from our room window

The dressing table

The entertainment area beside dressing table

Hmm. For some reason, this big mirror I really don't like.

Toilet next to entrance door

Cam-whoring while resting

The beach~

Found this squirrel running

Walking towards the Mini Zoo

Bunny - My favourite animal or pet

See! Bunny and Guinea Pigs sleeping together ^^ Cute can.

The turtle was hiding in water when I said something to Jane "Can't take photo of it, if only it can swim up."

After that, it really swim toward us and pop it's head out. Of course I say "Thank You" since it heard what I said.

We later found the deer section, when suddenly they all start walking towards and look at us for a moment then continue walking to somewhere.

Ta-da~ They guide us to the vegetable feeding section and look at the wooden container.

So Jane intend to feed them haha.

Later, I found 1 deer standing behind the crowd looking. The body was full of white spot and I find it to be very unique among the deers.

After walking around the mini zoo, we are heading back to our resort to take their mini shuttle bus to have our dinner.

On the way, we decided to photo the view of the entrance.

While waiting, we found out that we have received alot of love bites from the mosquitoes
Few minutes later, we took the shuttle bus to The Kelong Restaurant which I read the review from online with many recommendation.

While walking into the restaurant, I took some pictures.

You can walk through the bridge from the restaurant to the bar corner.

Get ready for ordering

Waiting after done with ordering

Hand washer and Crab opener

While waiting, I found this table number which I feel it is fate to me as my birthday is on 4th May. (Oh well random me XD)

Finally our food are here.

Seafood Fried rice with Pineapple (I find it alot for 2 person when it is already the small serving)

Sambal Kang Kong

And YES! Chili Crab

The mess

Jane's Desert

And mine too

Actually, we didn't managed to finish the rice and kang kong. End up we request the staff to pack for us. And we finished it before we heads to sleep (Yes I know, I'm growing extra fats before I reduce them =[

-=Day 2=-

After wash up, we went for our breakfast which was a complimentary at the restaurant.

Jane taking the cereal and milk

Enjoying the breakfast

After breakfast, we heading towards the beach to play before heading back to our room for packing and wash up.

Jane trying to drive it

Ain't the beach and sea beautiful?

Someone drew it and left it there.

Jane brought this spray and say it is for protecting the sun or calling it the cooling spray

I of course want to try

After playing for an hour, time to head back for wash up and packing before check-out.

And here are all the polariod we took

After returning the room key, we notice that we still have few hours before departure.

Hence, we end up slack at a cafe near the lobby and also have a bit of lunch.

The menu

Their open kitchen

Chicken wrap in prata

Seafood pizza

Time to head back to Singapore

The sunset while on board the ferry

There are gift I got back

As usual, after going for holiday, I will be expecting something like this on my desk.

Personal experience:

I really enjoyed this short trip that Jane have gifted to me. Really appreciated. Some recommendation, Nirwana Resort have just renovated and so the room are very nice and comfortable. I don't mind to visit the resort again. But some personal thoughts of the big mirror which I don't really like, other than that, everything are perfect and also I like the staff service. They are very friendly and polite.

Especially when you are walking through the rooms path way, any staffs that spot you will greet you. It makes me feel like some sort of special guest or VIP.

Lastly, a gentle reminder if you are going there. NEVER change USD to go there and spend. They are mostly charged using SGD but they also accept their own country currency. But since we are Singaporean, might as well just use our own currency.

Finally, managed to finish blogging this outdated post =]


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Saturday, May 18, 2013 • 4:58 PM • 0 Comment

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